Milnrow (Ladybarn) Bowling Club

Milnrow, Rochdale

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An ' open members ' Bowling and Social Club providing the facilities for the local community to enjoy good exercise, fun and fellowship.

Group introduction

As a mixed Community Bowling and Social Club based in the village of Milnrow we have provided the opportunity for the whole community to enjoy the game of crown green bowls for over 100 years. In doing so we hope our local people will also feel the benefit of good exercise and thrive on much fun and fellowship. We have taken the steps of promoting crown green bowls to all ages from eight to eighty plus. The activities and services provided on a volunteer basis intend to give our members, guests and visitors the ideal opportunity to play the sport of bowls, socialise in the community and be part of a thriving and successful club environment. We have elected Presidents, Chairman and Club Committee all volunteers who are aiming to help the local community obtain a better lifestyle generally. We have proudly received 'Outstanding Award Winner ' in Britain In Bloom for the past two years.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are now very much aware of the need to encourage young disadvantaged children and vulnerable adults to enjoy a pastime that will enhance their future living and experiences.
The Club Committee believe that this funding will have an immediate impact within the community by assisting the development of both the children and adults referred to above, Our intent is to purchase new smaller bowls woods, jacks and T-shirts for use by the children and vulnerable adults to help their enjoyment of the game for many years to come. We are hopeful of providing these new facilities for approx. 20 persons initially and then growing the numbers in the foreseeable future.

"Milnrow (Ladybarn) Bowling and Social Club extends a very warm welcome to all ages within our community and encourages everyone to learn the game of crown green bowls in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. Please just give it a try!
Ken Davies, Club Chairman."

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