Keswick Hobbies Club


Your story

Keswick Hobbies Club is a local group connecting people & providing activities - we strive to get people involved so they are not lonely - a chance to talk people once a week.

Group introduction

The club has been operating for over 50 years in Keswick - it is ran by volunteers & has a weekly meeting of around 25 people. We would love to encourage new members to join us too.
Each Week we plan different activities from Manicures, raffles, beetle drives, quizzes, dominoes, flower arranging, cards & even neck massages. We also plan days out for the group from fish & chip lunches, we have been to Blackpool & Morecambe, Levens Hall & Kendal for shopping - a main event is our Christmas lunch too! We also planned a holiday to Dunoon in Scotland (which people paid for themselves) & everyone had a lovely time.
We encourage people to get involved as much as possible - coming down for company but also to take part in the fun.
The group is funded by memberships £1.50 per week & we do raffles/coffee Mornings to keep the group going as the rent for the meeting room is £14 per week!

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This money would really go along way to help us - each trip costs a lot from buses to entrance fees. This money would mean that we can keep the group going by introducing new members & it would also mean that we can continue to be at the heart of the Keswick community by providing company for people & encouraging people to get together & join our days out. We also like to send to Christmas plants to our members. When our members are struggling we visit them in hospital or care homes. We provide a care service out of the group too by visiting people at home to see how they are & what we can help them with. We would like to be able to provide entertainment like flower arranging or baking displays or music in the Weekly meetings but this all costs money for the group. As everything is only getting more expensive this money would really give us a great boost & mean we can continue to help people.

""This money would mean we can continue to be a much needed lifeline to our members, we would have more flexibility and hopefully we can stay at the heart of the community." Yvonne Cole and Lilian Goodfellow"

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