Hollins Conservation Group


Your story

We maintain the Local Nature Reserve and upgrade neglected and overgrown areas around the village. We also hold an annual event to introduce local children to animals and wildlife.

Group introduction

We are a group of mainly retired local residents who work on the Nature Reserve to keep the path edges clear and lay new ones when necessary. We also keep the streets and communal areas around Hollins free of litter. We garden the un-adopted ground and communal garden areas to plant donated plants and keep the area looking attractive for the local residents. We have been running for 21 years, but the gardening aspect has only been running for 2 years.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would use the funding to purchase plants to populate the garden beds we create. We will buy shrubs which will grow to fill the spaces, and surround them by our own annual seeds and donated plants so that it looks colourful until the shrubs have grown. All the residents in Hollins village appreciate the work we do, as they drive and walk around the area it looks attractive and cared for.

"Tom, who walks his dog around the area and appreciates the difference we have made, calls us "his Gardening Angels""

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