Friends of Culcheth Library


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Culcheth Library saved by hardworking volunteers in partnership with Warrington Council.

Group introduction

Friends of Culcheth Library was formed to lobby the Borough Council and LiveWire, the Council set up by Warrington to run the Library Service. The Friends of Culcheth Library Group (FoCL) formed a committee to guide the process and to implement the many suggestions residents offered to widen the scope of activities offered within the library. FoCL also successfully established a very effective working partnership with LiveWire, liaising with key personnel to ensure smooth management of the process.

The population of Culcheth and Glazebury is just over 8,500 and some 23% are of pensionable age. This is higher than Warrington as a whole ((18.6%) and higher than the rest of the North West (19.5%). Culcheth is also quite geographically isolated from Warrington (8 miles from the centre) with transport links difficult for residents who do not have their own transport. This makes it hard to access town centre services. Some 4.9% of people receive disability living allowance.
The residents have focused on a number of issues and a key matter they wish to address is improving access to the Library for residents who have dementia.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The available bid would be an enormous help in purchasing and installing signs which would help visitors who have some difficulties navigate their way into and around the Library.
The first photograph shows the entrance and it is clear that the mat on the floor could well appear as a deep pit to someone with symptoms of dementia. FoCL proposes to use the grant to buy a mat with a suitable colour to give everyone the confidence to come in!
The second photograph shows clearly that there is no signage at all within the library that is appropriate for anybody with symptoms of dementia and this together with the entrance are major stumbling blocks to providing a dementia friendly library.

"Friends' secretary Cllr Joan
Grime said: "We plan to revitalise the library as a focus for our community, seeing a wider range of uses, increased footfall and income to help support our activities.""

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