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Dream Team Singers is an inclusive group who meet together and perform, singing in unison for their own and others' pleasure and enjoyment.

Group introduction

Shirley has been leading and supporting the group since 2009, to learn and perform music for our own and our audiences’ enjoyment. Over the 9 years we have seen the benefits to 100 or so members of our community in meeting together weekly, forming new friendships and having a sense of belonging. Bringing people together through the simple joy of singing, many of our members have found therapy in song, friendship in social integration and contentment and fulfilment in entertaining others. We encourage audience participation in concerts performed publicly and privately. These events range from entertaining specifically in establishments where care is given to groups who may be disadvantaged, to performances at larger community events that support local charities. We promote the health and well-being benefits of singing to the general public via concerts, street singing and other events. Recent events have encouraged participation from children's groups, care and residential homes, people with dementia, depression, mental health and learning difficulties. We want to continue to grow this and actively INVOLVE these groups rather than just entertain them. Initial consultation with special schools and disability focused organisations in the area, shows an enthusiasm for performing from many of them and has confirmed that given the opportunity to showcase their special talents, these groups would join us in performing at our concerts currently being planned for 2019.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This funding would enable us to purchase music stands for singers to support those who have difficulty in remembering words and to support the signing choirs and other groups we have invited to perform with us in 2019. Also, we would purchase pop-up banners to publicise the group and its work in the community, inviting new members to join us. Both these purchases would assist Dream Team to continue to develop their inclusive practice, raise their profile and support the groups’ aims for the future. Actual beneficiaries could be up to 500, but unlimited numbers as audiences will be entertained. We will continue this work through providing opportunities and recognition for diverse groups to showcase their special talents alongside us and other musically respected choirs.

"Dream Team is more than just a choir in my view, but a testament to how the simple joy of singing can bring people together, and make something out of that - that is more than a choir!
Paul Maynard, MP Blackpool North & Cleveleys. Letter from Westminster April 2018."

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