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Village club bucking the trend of falling numbers in sport

Group introduction

We are a village cricket club that is looking to attract more kids and adults from the surrounding rural areas to play and enjoy cricket. Last season we started an all girls cricket team in the U11's league, we want to keep these girls playing & keep attracting more girls too, so that in the future we will be able to field a ladies team as well as many other junior and senior teams too. The cricket club was etablished in 1858 and is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and committeee. I am the junior co-ordinator and we currently have 4 junior teams. The club and ground are also used by many various county & district junior teams and other organisations such as the diocese of Cumbria for their home matches. We also host the village sports annually on the outfield, which is a great family day that brings the village together. The clubhouse is used by the villages brass band for practice throughout the year and two other loacl bands use it too for practice. The area pigeon club and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling club use the function room one evening a week. We run pool, darts and dominoes teams during the winter too.
At the start of this season we finally manged to get a new 3 lane net facility built as we previously only had a very old and worn out artificial wicket to practice on. This simply wasn't good enough to meet our plans to expand our junior section, so we bought a piece of land and managed to raise enough money through fundraising events and grants(most of which was from the ECB). Now we have that facility, we have attracted more kids to the club and we want to continue to grow on this success and purchase more coaching aids & equipment to keep the kids busy & improving.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We believe that by investing in the infrastructure of our club it will make us much more sustainable as we will attract more kids and adults and therefore raise more revenue from memberships and bar revenue. We would also like to be able to improve our kids, so that they go on to play county cricket at Junior and senior level. We have recently started to see the benefits of our junior setup as we have 4 girls in the county under 13's and 3 boys in the district U11's. We beleive we can increase this number by continually improving our facilities and equipment. By doing this we will also attract more players and parents to our team of volunteer coaches.
We would like to buy a Bola ball feeding machine, this will help the kids to improve on their batting technique as it will allow us to feed the kids precise deliveries over and over again, so that the shot is imprinted in their muscle memory. By using the machine it also allows the coach to observe and analyse the batter and give them advice during the session. The coach can also video the batter and show them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. When kids are as young as 7-14, accurate deliveries from them when they are bowling can be very wide of the mark, making batting very difficult as there can be times when there is not many balls they can hit! Hence the use of bowling machines is very important when wanting to improve junior batters.
The club bought a Bola bowling machine about 20 years ago, this has only just recently broken. We expect a new one will keep going for another two decades as well, so think that the money will be well spent as it will benfit thousands of children and adults using it if you take in to account the district and county teams that now use our facilities for matches and training sessions.

"Cricket club bowled over by generous donation by the Skipton Building Society."

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