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We have a nucleas of very keen committed volunteers who care and also roll their sleeves up and help out in the Alkincoates Woodland Nature Reserve. Alkincoates Woodland Nature Reserve and monitor all the wildlife and its upkeep we regularly meet to maintain and plan the short and long term development plan.

Group introduction

My name is Dave McQuillan and I am the deputy Chairman of our volunteer group. I have been an integral part of the Alkincoates Woodland Nature Reserve Team since 2004 and we have been allocated a further new 3.00 Hectare in addition to our existing 10.36 Hectares. Over the past three years we have planted approximately 3000 saplings supplied by the woodland trust and also Pendle Borough Council Parks department. Alkincoates Nature Reserve needs urgent funding to enable the Pendle Borough Council Parks Department and volunteer group to put in multi-user footpaths to enable the nature and wildlife loving public to utilise this wildlife haven. This involves people who are disabled and in wheelchairs, mobility scooters and parent & baby/toddler prams to access the new woodland facility to enjoy the new saplings/whips already planted over the last two years. Our intention is to further cultivate a perennial wildflower meadow and wetland area in Spring/Summer 2018 and on-going years.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This year our volunteer group are delighted to have been granted by Pendle Borough Council who own the former Grazing pastures another sizeable piece of land adjacent to our 10.36 Hectare existing reserve a total of 3. 00 Hectares in total which was a former meadow and grazing land which is bordered on the periphery by a dry stone wall. Oak, Alder, Mountain Ash, Beech, Dog Rose, Holly Blackthorn and many others. We have a wetland area suitable for bog plants and we are planning open glades for wild flowers.The extra land we have acquired is where the Skipton GRG funding will be used as we also continue to maintain our existing Nature Reserve. Planting trees is for the future generations to come and enjoy. A larger nature reserve increases bio - diversity habitat for flora and fauna and more area to walk and enjoy nature on our doorstep, a wonderful asset worth preserving for years to come and develop even further.

"Dave McQuillan
Deputy Chairman"

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