Novocastrian Youth Rugby

Newcastle upon Tyne

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Rugby for All - Rugby for Life

We adopted this as our motto several years ago as it sums up our vision of rugby as an inclusive sport that can have a huge benefit on both minds and bodies for our whole lives.

Group introduction

For nearly 120 years Novos has been playing and promoting rugby in the North East. From our origins as an "Old Boys" club from a single school we now boast five senior mens teams, two ladies teams and twelve youth and minis teams. We are particularly proud of our junior section. Hundreds of children, from five to sixteen, from all different backgrounds come together every week to play the game they love.
None of this would be possible without a huge network of adult volunteers. From coaches to ground staff to hot dog servers we rely on the time and goodwill of hundreds of parent/carers. Though often as wet and muddy as the children they support, they get to see the huge benefits the sport can bring to young people.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Rugby is a tough contact sport. As such our first priority is the safety of the children. All of our coaches are trained under the auspices of the RFU in how to keep the children as safe as possible.This would include everything from safe tackling and scrum techniques to safeguarding training and first aid. None of this is cheap and often comes out of the volunteer coaches own pockets. A grant of £500 would help to ensure that our high level of care is maintained for the hundreds of children who come through the club.

"I have loved my time working with the children and young people at Novos RFC. To see a child develop from the age of five to fifteen through a sport they come to love has been a privilege."

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