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Hebburn Martial Arts is a community Martial Arts School teaching some great little fighters aswell as adults

Group introduction

My two kids attend hebburn martial arts along with about 20 other regulars and another 20 who come randomly. This is a small club ran by one trainer who does a great job teaching kids important life skills as well as giving them a training regime to keep them fit for the rest of their lives. The club also teaches adults Kung Fu and kickboxing aswell as fitness classes for women. It is only a small club and gets no funding or sponsorship from local companies unlike others in neighbouring towns who are sponsored by businesses. The club is solely ran on the money that the kids/adults pay for lessons. It would be lovely to get the £500 for some new equipment to help the kids in their training

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The money would enable the coach to buy some new equipment for the gym that would really benefit the kids

"Hebburn Martial Arts is a great little club with some great fighters for the future"

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