Friends of Iris Brickfield Park


Your story

Local residents volunteering to support our local park, encouraging positive use of the park and strengthening the local community.

Group introduction

We are a group of local residents that volunteer to support our local park. We help to maintain the park through organising community litter picks and clean-up days, we put on events within the park and volunteer together to encourage positive use of the Iris Brickfield Park, strengthening the local community. We have been active for 10 years though the group has had many different members within that time. Volunteers are from a range of backgrounds and ages, the main thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about making the local park a positive place and encouraging people to use it well. We have a chair, secretary and treasurer and meet on a monthly basis to volunteer our time to support the Iris Brickfield Park.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The Iris Brickfield Park is a small haven in a busy and diverse community close to the centre of Newcastle. The park attracts a wealth of nature and wildlife, particularly in the pond area. Last year the park was sadly vandalised and the boardwalk area around the pond was destroyed by a fire. Due to this criminal act the pond is no longer accessible to anyone with mobility problems, vulnerable people within the community or children. We would use the funding to replace the boardwalk with a steel structure that will allow access to the pond for all local people regardless of their abilities. The Friends of Iris Brickfield Park have been holding fundraising events though we are currently £500 away from our goal so this funding would allow the new boardwalk to become a reality. It will allow everyone in the community to connect with nature, reaching hundreds of people. We will also be able to run events again such as pond dipping and wildlife watch which are not possible without an accessible boardwalk structure.

""This fund will improve access to nature for vulnerable and disabled members of our local community, improving health and wellbeing for all. Our local park was sadly vandalised and this grant will help the local community bring back positive use of our local green space." Claire Briston, Friends of Iris Brickfield Park Committee Member."

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