The Richmond in Europe Association


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We bring people together.
We build bridges not walls.

Group introduction

Richmond in Europe is a voluntary association which was founded 41 years ago to promote sporting, cultural & education links across Europe. We are twinned with the towns of Fontainebleau in France & Konstanz in Germany with whom we have very close, friendly & mutually supportive relationships. We bring together individuals, groups, schools, universities, choirs, orchestras, artists & sports clubs in the three countries. We build bridges that bring people together, not walls to keep them apart. We also promote the teaching & learning of French & German language & culture and the benefits of cultural & linguistic diversity.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

It would enable us raise awareness of the benefits of cultural & linguistic diversity when these are so often portrayed by the media in a negative light. Promoting racial & ethnic harmony benefits all the community.

""Never has our association been more needed. We bring people together when others are trying to divide us. A grant from Skipton Building Society will help us to promote the benefits of ethnic, linguistic & cultural diversity.""

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