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The organisation main objectives are advancement of education, Relief of Poverty, Assistance for Elderly People, Refugees / Those Seeking Asylum,Relief of Financial, Hardship, Social Inclusion and Relief of Unemployment

Group introduction

All this objects is to fight isolation, advance education and other issues affecting
the health wellbeing, fight poverty and promote integration to the Refugees
and asylum seekers and other Ethnic Minority community through the provision
of free generalist advice, information, support, guidance, organising events and workshops, advocacy, translation and guidance.
We have been active in ealing and ayes area since 1998 and the are 5 members who run it.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We organising a one family Saturday session with dance lessons for young children with Down syndrome, to give the parents or carers an opportunity to chat and share experiences, and support in a relaxed atmosphere whilst the children play in a safe environment, and we will have
volunteers to help with the children. There will be a lots of different activities for the children and also to invite professionals to attend and
talk to the parents about various issues.ut But with this project is to determined and to show both parents and children with disabilities what they can do, all through the power of dance, friendliness, Kindness, generosity
and ability to get along with others.
The people who will benefit are families with children with Down syndrome and their disadvantage is that it's incredibly tough to have a child with a special need. In many cases, it's a 24/7 job and to have to suffer the prejudices of others on top of that is just too much. furthermore Parents
resent the lack of compassion shown by many medical professionals, or the lack of information provided, or the emphasis solely on future hardships and found that certain indicators of parents levels of stress (or difficulty in
coping) fitted a U-curve.

"Family Saturday sessions and
weekly dance lessons for young children with Down syndrome
Reverend Cesar Mukuse"

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