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Well-being activities for women, children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds and at risk of social exclusion

Group introduction

Our organisation originally was set up to provide support for vulnerable members of the
community. At the beginning, we focused our work in well-being projects with women,
children and families. After three years of continuous work with well-being projects,
including holistic therapies, exercise to music, yoga and meditation, we noticed that
there was an increase of demand from other target groups that also had caring
responsibilities, like for example carers and young carers looking after relatives or family members with high needs and families caring after children with mental or physical disabilities, etc. These target groups need our activities to reduce the risk of social exclusion, and to have a bit of time for themselves and improve their well-being. Our organisation runs a wide range of activities for the most vulnerable members of the
community, to improve their quality of life and well-being. We particularly work in the
community of Southwark and Lambeth with members of the community that are at risk
of social exclusion. Our organisation aims to increase the index of exercise participation and healthy living of people in the community of Southwark that come from
disadvantaged backgrounds. This particular project will encourage carers in Southwark and
Lambeth to increase participation in Sport by offering free yoga and exercise to music classes and promote healthier and more active lifestyles.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If our organisation is awarded the grant, we will use it to purchase project materials for our classes, like for example much needed mats and pads and a soft floor for the activities.
The impact that our project will have among the carers will be:
Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression rates among project participants.
- Increase participation in Sport and promote healthy habits, more active lifestyles and physical and mental well-being among carers.
- Reduction of isolation among carers and support them in creating sense of belonging
to a group and meeting new people.
- Increasing in the carer’s self-esteem, by learning new skills, be out and about and
meet other carers with whom they can share their experiences and do other activities.
- All the above outcomes will help the carers to reduce their levels of frustration anger and
set the first steps towards living happier lives.
The project will improve the overall quality of life of the carers.

"''Volunteering for My First 1000 Days has given me the chance to develop sense of belonging to a group and has made my life better''. Rita Suda- Volunteer"

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