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We provide free rugby for boys and girls aged 5-17 in Haringey.

We welcome players of all ages/abilities, making a significant impact in our borough by ensuring anyone
interested in rugby union can participate. Established in 2011, we have over 200 children and young people (boys and girls) playing rugby every week, for free.

Group introduction

Our youth project brings significant benefits to the local community. Our club is on White Hart Lane, in the poorest ward in Haringey, which in itself, is the fourth poorest borough in London. The 2011 London riots happened at each end of White Hart Lane and our children and young people are some of the most disadvantaged in London.

In 2011, the Rhinos set up our youth project, with the aim of creating an U13s boys team. However, we were inundated with kids, so decided we would take anyone who wanted to play rugby. As we finish our sixth season, we have over 200 boys and girls, aged 5 – 17, registered with the club. Our aim is to increase participation numbers to at least 250 next season.

Furthermore, 63% of our children and young people are from ethnic minorities, which is broadly in line with Haringey’s diversity. In fact, we are the most diverse rugby clubs in the country.

One of the key barriers to rugby for inner city children and young people is the cost. Many clubs charge subs of at least £70 per child, plus kit and other expenses. We don’t. In fact, we charge kids a £10 membership fee for the whole season or £15 for families with more than one child with us.

We need to raise over £10k per annum to provide everything the kids need including match day kit, training t-shirts, equipment, gum shields and post-training food. We also have a boot exchange, which has been invaluable in providing boots for children who otherwise could not afford them. If we charged what other rugby clubs charge, our participation numbers would drop by at least 85%.

We also pay for and organise transport to all away games for children and their parents. Over 90% of our parents do not drive so hiring a coach is the only safe (and manageable) way to get the kids to games. We have negotiated discounted rates with a local coach company, however we still spent over £5k this season just getting the kids to their games.

Our club is completely run by volunteers and all our coaches are volunteers too. Many of our volunteers give up over 200 hours a year of their time to support our youth project. Last year, one of our young volunteers won a national award for his contributions to the club.

We are now starting to see some real results for our players. Last season, 6 boys in our Under 16s group were chosen to represent Middlesex County. We also had 10 girls aged U15 representing County, along with three U18 girls. Overall, we achieved the highest number of County players in the club’s history.

Our next season starts in September 2018 and we want to get even more boys and girls playing rugby. In order to provide everything they need, we need your help.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The continued provision of sport in Haringey is critical to meeting the needs of children/young people in the borough.
 Average figures across Haringey indicated that 17.2% of children are obese and a further 13.2% are overweight
• Haringey has the 8th highest proportion of children in poverty in the UK. The highest rate of poverty is in the White Hart Lane ward (56.9%), which is where we are based.
• 72.6% of children in poverty are from lone parent families and lack suitable male role models.
 64% of 0–19 year olds in Haringey are from ethnic minority backgrounds
• There has been a significant reduction in activities available for children and young people in the borough. Youth services budgets in Haringey have been cut by 75%.

If we are successful in winning this award, we can keep providing free sport for children and young people in Haringey. Your award will directly benefit over 200 children and young people, by supporting the running costs of our project.

Our project brings the following benefits to children and young people in Haringey:
 Continued provision of low cost rugby to children/young people, helping tackle obesity and improve health/well-being. Our programme ensures even the most disadvantaged children and young people can participate and reap the benefits of regular exercise and being part of a team.
 Opportunities for regular participation in organised physical activity which reduces anti-social behaviour, improves self-esteem and improves both cognitive and emotional skills. Regular physical activity can enhance self-esteem, improve mood states, reduce anxiety, increase resilience and improve sleep patterns.
 The ethnic diversity of the Rhinos reflects the ethnic diversity of the borough and we believe this sends a positive message to members of our youth teams about social inclusion and cohesion.
 Increased provision of sporting activities for girls.
 Provision of volunteering opportunities for members of the community.
 Rugby teaches valuable, transferable skills for employment, including teamwork, respect and discipline.

""We are really grateful to Skipton for their continued support of grassroots sport. Their Grassroots Giving programme is a lifeline for community organisations like the Haringey Rhinos"

Helen Rayfield, Haringey Rhinos RFC Chair"

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