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The aims of our organization, is to use the martial art Capoeira, associated rhythms, musicality, dance and performing arts as the vehicle of education and social inclusion for disadvantaged people in the community.

Group introduction

Our activities are aimed to support residents of Southwark to develop their skills in order to have a better chance to integrate in the
community and a better future. As a result of our activities we are aiming to reach our outcome of building stronger relationships within the community and break barriers among members of the community coming from different backgrounds and cultures, facilitating their social inclusion. Our organisation was established to support children
and young people from very poor and disadvantaged backgrounds to integrate in the community, to create sense of belonging to a group and to have better understanding of each others cultural backgrounds. In our projects, we work with children and young
people, provide them with arts, cultural and sports activities and support them in the development of skills, therefore, giving them more opportunities to have a better future, and stopping them from spending time hanging in the street and getting involved in
activities such as substance abuse, petty crime and gang involvement.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We will use the grant to purchase musical instruments for our project: Drums, Tambourines and Berimbaus. For this project we will be working with two groups of beneficiaries: Children, (4-12) ,
and young people, (13 to 18). We will be working with children and young people that come from low income, families that are unemployed, BAME groups, are at risk of social exclusion,offending or are NEET, (Not in Education, .Employment or Training). The
prospective project participants come from disadvantaged backgrounds, low income, recent migrants, do not speak English very well, are unemployed, young people subjected to neglect and abuse. They are also members of the community that are at risk of social exclusion and that in general carry sedentary lifestyles. With the low
income as common denominator, the majority of the project participants would not be able to participate in activities like the ones we run, cultural activities, group class, music or dance. We aim to make this activities free of charge for them so they can improve their quality of life, meet new people, improve their skills and becoming more active through participation in martial arts and dance.

"Social Inclusion of disadvantaged children- 90% Participants will develop sense of belonging to a group, forge new friendships and feel more integrated in their community.- Jefferson Oliveira- Director"

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