Grafham Community Shop


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Grafham Community Shop, serving a rural village of 250 houses.

Group introduction

Grafham Community Shop serves, Grafham, a small Cambridgeshire village with some 250 houses. Our shop is a convenience store which apart from stocking the “basics” supports local traders supplying, for example, logs, honey, bread, milk and rape oil. The nearest alternative shop is a car journey, some 3 miles, away.
The shop, run by a volunteer committee, was established in 2013 as limited company (under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014). To start the shop 116 people bought shares and currently there are 37 active volunteers and two part time employed managers. Given the small size of our village, the shop is not viable on a commercial basis and relies upon the support of volunteers. Last year we turned over £72,770, but made an operating loss of £1,133.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would spend the funding to help maintain the fabric of our shop. At the moment, the floor of the shop needs repair and we need a new computer.

This would help us continue to provide a service to the community

"A “Grassroots” grant has allowed us to maintain our village community shop: thanks! We have used the funds to replace our shop computer and repair the floor. While the shop is regarded as an asset to young and old residents, to keep it open, in such a small village, is a continuous effort.
Martin Joyner - Shop Committee Chair"

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