Nottingham Women's History Group


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To celebrate, promote and research the contribution to Nottingham’s history.

Group introduction

The group’s logo includes the phrase ‘celebrate, promote and research the contribution of women to Nottingham’s history’ because that is the reason for our existence. We research the stories of local women who were prominent in their day, but who have now been forgotten, by accessing libraries, local archives and so on. Examples of the women we research include philanthropists, political activists, writers, artists, politicians, educationalists and many more. We then disseminate our work through talks to local groups, our AGM meeting and walks around Nottingham, recounting the women’s stories in areas or at buildings associated with them. The group has been running since about 2010 and, although we have 166 members on our distribution list, there are only five executive members who plan, organise, research and implement events.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This year we have been celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the granting of the vote to some women and, as part of that, we held a women’s suffrage walk around Nottingham City Centre, pointing out buildings and explaining the connection with a particular suffrage activist. We would use any funding we were fortunate enough to receive to produce a professionally designed leaflet, with a map of the city centre and pictures of the buildings and women, as well as brief summaries of their stories. We see this as an important legacy project and this funding would allow the work we have done this year to reach a different audience and extend beyond the end of the anniversary year. We
would disseminate the leaflets through local libraries, for example, and we especially want schools to be able to access this information.

"We really want to mark the achievements of Nottingham’s suffrage activists but we simply do not have the skills to create the kind of leaflet we want – it really requires the services of a professional designer. This funding would be the icing on the cake because it would provide us with a tangible and long-lasting way of commemorating their sacrifices and celebrating their achievements. Sian Trafford - Membership Secretary, Nottingham Women's History Gorup"

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