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Just Sing is a community choir created to bring people together through singing and music.

Group introduction

Just Sing is a community choir which has been running for four years. We are a non-profit group of about 60 people of various ages and backgrounds, funded by voluntary donations. There are no auditions or subscription fees; everyone who wants to sing is welcome. The purpose of the choir is to bring together members of the Newark community, irrespective of age, gender, social or ethnic background to give them the opportunity to make music. We believe that music should be accessible and enjoyable for all.
Our choir director is an experienced and talented musician who introduces us to a wide variety of music: classical, gospel, barber shop, traditional English or foreign folk-songs etc.
The purpose of the choir is to bring members of the Newark community, irrespective of age - our youngest member is 14, the oldest is in his 80s - gender, social or ethnic background together to give them the opportunity to make music together. No previous experience is required as we believe that music can be accessible to all and enjoyed by all.
In order to make the choir truly open to the whole community, no charge is requested to attend the rehearsals. We only ask for a voluntary contribution (with a recommendation of £2.50) from those members who feel they can afford it. While these voluntary contributions enable us to meet the running costs of the choir, they don't provide enough money to buy music.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We believe that apart from the real pleasure that people experience when they sing together, being a member of a choir offers many other benefits, both physical and mental, to the participants; it helps break barriers between groups, promotes a sense of belonging, a sense of achievement, it can reduce the feeling of isolation that some people experience and provides an opportunity to be introduced to , and get a better understanding of other cultures through a variety of music
We also believe that the benefits are not restricted to the sole members of the choir but extend to the wider community, such as senior citizens, young people, through the range of concerts that we give to local groups and associations in old people's homes, local schools.
At the moment, the choir's repertoire is limited because of the cost of sheet music and the restrictions on the photocopying of such music and we are seeking additional income to buy music scores and form a music library covering all genres, which could be used to develop our singing and sight-reading skills and could also be used to provide a more varied and enjoyable experience to our audiences.

"I love music and singing and especially making music with other people. Just Sing! gives me the opportunity to do what I love in a friendly, supportive environment. The music is sometimes challenging but always fun and we are encouraged by Peter to improve all the time. I have learnt so much. Wonderful and uplifting.
Ruth Rush Choir Member"

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