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Tinsley, Sheffield

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Feeding the future, one Tinsley tummy at a time!

Group introduction

The Real Junk Food Project collects food produce from companies and superstores that otherwise would go to a landfill. Food within its best before date is used in their café, which is run in the Victoria church on City road. Food is also distributed to schools for them to sell to parents on a pay as you feel basis. The aim being families on low incomes can eat healthy and nutrious food with whatever money they have in their pocket.

We are not currently an active group and the money we are requesting it the start up fee. Staff from the real junk food project are ready to deliver us food to sell and identified staff, year 5 and 6 children are ready and willing to sell the produce. We serve a large community and we have 693 children who attend our primary school.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Tinsley is a hugely, culturally diverse community. We currently have 693 children attending our school aged from 2-11 years which includes 15 different religions and 28 different languages. The majority of our children are asian and include slovakian, roma, white british and somalian children. Many of the families are extremely vulnerable due to low wages or unemployment, and face inadequate housing conditions that includes over crowding as well as social isolation due to not speaking English.

School and parent or carers alike want the very, very best for our children irrespective of circumstance and we are committed and passionate in making this happen. We firmly believe every child should have the opportunity to receive healthy and nutrious food everyday so they may grow to be healthy, happy and to reach their full potential.

The reality is, for many of our parent and carers, the cost of processed food is more affordable and goes further than say the cost of a bag of apples. Parents have the desire to feed their children healthy food, however this is determined by what they have in their pocket.

We want to be able to offer parent and carers a fortnightly market whereby they can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dry food for 'pay as you feel prices'. This way children will be healthy and less likely to have health related conditions, such as obesity and rotten teeth from large amounts of processed food.

The ethos of 'pay as you feel' is that we want parents and carers to feel empowered in buying the very best food for their family rather than the possibility of feeling burdened, humiliated and embarrassed with hand outs. Equally, the 'pay as you feel' prevents parents become reliant on services to provide the basics that they should be providing themselves.

Funding the initial start up cost is £1,000. This will enable us to receive fortnightly deliveries from the real junk food project, to then sell fresh produce at pay as you feel prices to our most vulnerable families. We aim to raise the money through sales in our first year to enable us to be self-funded for the following year and respective years to come.

"No meals skipped in Tinsley thanks to Skipton Building Society supporting Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy to access the Real Junk Food Project; bringing food to families at low cost!"

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