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Timesteps studio welcomes and encourages everyone to be active, with classes in dancing and fitness.

Group introduction

Timesteps principal is Rachel Walmsley. She has run the dance school for 24 years with 100% dedication. She teaches the majority of the classes herself. She has a small group of teachers to help with specialist classes.

There are a variety of dance and fitness classes available for all ages and abilities. Everyone is made to feel welcome. The people at Timesteps Studio are an amazing bunch of people and we have a good family unit feeling and we help each other out. I have been part of this wonderful community group for about 6 years. I started with just Zumba, now I attend around 6 different dance classes too. My skills have been nurtured and developed well.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The money would help towards the costs of maintaining the equipment used in the studio. It would also be used to expand the specialist dance floor on site. This would benefit all pupils, as everyone uses it. It would help future dancers as it helps protect the rest of the floor, thus keeps the environment in good condition.

"Hayley Gowen - dance and fitness pupil. - "Timesteps Studio allows me to be just me.""

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