The Elderberry Club


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A fun afternoon for older people who enjoy the company of others.

Group introduction

The Elderberry Group was conceived in 2008 by two Methodist Church groups, who wanted to help the lonely, elderly and disabled people to mix and enjoy each other’s company in our local community. These are the groups that are the loneliest; most of our members are over 70n with many in their 90's.

We provide a variety of social activities in our area for anyone. Activities include crafts, talks, games and films amongst many others. We meet approximately every 4 weeks. We have a connection with school groups who join us occasionally and the generations mix so well. Some of our members have provided a talk to the group. Treats are afternoon teas, shows and meals out. Our members love to chat over a cup of tea and cakes.

We charge a small fee to cover speakers and entertainers. All our cakes are provided by friends of the Elderberry club along with drivers who provide transport. We transport all our members as some would be unable to come without help. A local business provides a free mini bus for those with wheelchairs or walkers. We have a committee that meets regularly with a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and four committee members. Two Elderberry members are also on the committee. We also have kitchen help from volunteers.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our members are often unable to go to the cinema through old age or disability and they do enjoy the latest and oldest films. Extra money would help us to provide a more comfortable afternoon for our members. We would spend the money on some blinds for the room in which we show the films. The present blinds are old and as we show films in spring and summer it is hard to darken the room properly. The blinds would be used by all groups using the room and would keep it warm in winter and keep the sun out in summer.

Our membership for films is usually around 25 people, because of the age group sickness sometimes keeps numbers down. Our members suggest films they might enjoy. We have an interval and provide ice-cream,
which every one enjoys.

"'I love the Elderberries, a fun day out meeting my friends.' - Barbara Sowerby, Elderberry member for 9 years."

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