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New horizon for Syrian refugees on the British soil.

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Bring the people, who descend from Syrian origin, to socialise together, help new families who came to live in Leeds and mix them with other communities and integrate within the British society to ease their new life.
SCL will help in finding jobs, employability training, CVs build with priority to the Syrian refugees who lost everything in the Syrian war, help in finding places for their children in schools, register families in GPs and ensure their health and wellbeing, apply for housing, filling applications for asylum, benefits and tax credit, help in interpretation, offer mental help and support by advocacy and signposting those in need to the right organisations, support women whom are subject to domestic violence and contact the right organisations, provide training and education courses, organise events for the families to meet and dinner together during Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, Easter, the new year evening, etc.
Organise sports activities within the community and with other communities, offer voluntary help to other communities in Leeds.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We aim to run training sessions for apprenticeship for youth between the age of 19-24 as we received requests to advise in become a dental nurse, mechanic, school teacher, fitness instructor etc.
Other sessions will be run for adults 24 years old and over to start self-employment. We successfully established "Jo Cox white helmets team" in Leeds (please watch this link on youtube:
We aim to go further with this project to allow people to start their own work in joinery, plumping, gardening, painting etc.
We ran a Syrian kitchen in Leeds for 4 years which provided thousands of meals to refugees and homeless people and still runing for the fifth year in cooperation with the junk food program.
We run a homework club for Syrian refugees kids and a small supplementary school to support them engaging within the wider society and excel in their education.

"Fawaz alghofari

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