Silsden Carers, Cared for & Past Carers Group.


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To provide support and advice in an informal setting for carers, past carers and those being cared for.

Group introduction

Nowadays carers provide an invaluable amount of support and services to those they care for and often do so without any acknowledgement of the work they do, or opportunities to discuss issues with others in similar circumstances. As a carer myself, I realised the importance of this and started our group in 2014.
We currently meet for 90 minutes once per month for a chat and coffee, but also take the opportunity to signpost people to other sources of help and advice. We welcome not only the carers, but those being cared for as well, as often it is impossible for the carer to attend alone, and have also extended a welcome to those who no longer have a direct care role, as they have invaluable experience and advice to offer. They also like to continue to be involved and to feel wanted.

I currently run the group alone and have had a maximum membership of 34, but this has recently reduced as some of those attending have moved into care homes or passed away and we do not have the time or resources to "spread the word".

Financially, the group has no regular income and meets at our local Methodist Church free of charge. We rely on donations of goods as prizes for raffles and some of the quizzes that we run. Those attending are not asked to make any financial contribution at all.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The number of people eligible to attend continues to rise and the burden on voluntary carers seems to be very much on the increase, as statutory services struggle to meet the needs of the vulnerable members of our society. It is vital that these carers are offered as much advice, support and encouragement as possible, as well as the opportunity to have some kind of break from caring and to enjoy themselves.

The funding on offer would help to make our existence and aims much more widely known and enable us to meet more regularly to further our aims. It would also help find more assistance to run the group.

""The group has been invaluable to me as a carer and has enabled me to discuss and share problems and experiences with others in a similar position, whilst also enjoying the format of our get togethers." - Mary Edgeworth, carer."

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