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Shelley Over 60's Club, serving seniors of all ages.

Group introduction

The Club, formed in 1978, is an all inclusive, not for profit Social Club. The Club provides social contact and entertainment to anyone over the age of 60 living in Shelley and surrounding districts. The Club meets every Thursday afternoon at Shelley Village Hall. This meeting is the mainstay not the club.

We organise games including whist, scrabble, chess, rummikub, and dominoes. The afternoon concludes with tea, biscuits, a game of bingo and a raffle. The club also runs a drop in at the Methodist Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Activities include yoga, health walks, a knit and natter, bell plate ringing, carpet bowls, rummikub and scrabble. On Mondays a 30 people strong Ukulele Group meets. A luncheon Club is held fortnightly.

We have since 2001 provided a hired mini bus transport service for our older, less able and disabled members attending the weekly Thursday meetings and a Friday weekly visit to Morrison's Supermarket, thus providing a vital link for many lonely and isolated
members of the community. We have a membership of 298 with an age range of 60 to 102, of which 70 regularly attend our Thursday meetings, with other members participating in other activities throughout the week.

We have an elected committee of 12 volunteers consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, supported by another 18 volunteers. Our funding is derived from subscriptions, donations, charges for activities, and other fund raising activities.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The vast variety of activities provided for members means a computer recording system for finances is essential. Unfortunately, just recently our 15 year old system used by our treasurer has had hard drive problems to such an extent it ceased to function. On examination by a computer engineer, data was fortunately recovered, however it appears the hard drive and system requires a major overall. We have been advised that this would not be cost effective.

Our request therefore is for consideration of funding towards the provision of a new computer system. Whilst we are a non profit club we do make a small charge for all activities to cover the hire of the hall, room, green and administrative costs. In addition we operate coach trips, Christmas lunches and other fund raising activities. There is also invoice, banking and payments recording to consider. To keep abreast of all the financial dealings a computer recording system is essential.

Whilst we have some small financial reserves a grant towards computer equipment would greatly ease our financial position and benefit the club and its 298 members enormously.

""Our activities are aimed at enabling participants to live independently and actively, whilst living a full and meaningful life. Thereby reducing isolation, lonliness and improving quality of life." -
Keith Field, Chairman"

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