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Cricket Cover funding to help leave a legacy!

Group introduction

Morley Cricket and Sports Club was established in 1889 and is run solely by volunteers. We currently have 285 registered members and run 4 junior teams from the age of 9 and under, up to under 15's. We also have three senior teams and a ladies team based at the club. In addition to this, in 2016 a junior rugby league and football team was established.

Since I joined the club in April 2016 I have seen a great transformation, as we are now looking to secure the long term future of the club, not only for its members but also the local community. We are a focal point for a number of events, such as bonfire night and the well know St.Georges day parade.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The money would go towards the purchase of some new covers for the cricket pitch. This then ensures that we can play cricket throughout the summer, which then helps us generate the income we need from visitors and spectators to safeguard the clubs future. Directly the project benefits the 285 members, but indirectly it benefits the people of Morley who attend the Community events we host, it benefits visiting cricket teams and their spectators and now it benefits people and families interest in different sports.

""Morley CC was established over 125 years ago. we want to make sure this club is still here in another 125 years!" - Simon Barraclough (Club Secretary)"

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