Leven East Street Bowling Club

Leven, East Yorkshire

Your story

Leven East Street bowling club, where bowlers of all abilities will receive a warm welcome.

Group introduction

We are a self-financing bowling club based in Leven, East Yorkshire. We have seven teams representing the club in the Driffield League, both in the evening and afternoon. We also play friendlies against other teams in the county most weekends. Once a week we have a Social Bowling night, where new and existing bowlers can practise and improve their skills, with the assistance of our resident qualified coach, within a friendly atmosphere.

The club is run by its 39 members, aged between 56 and 80+. Every member has an input into the running of the club, from maintenance of the green and grounds to organising matches and events. Our members enjoy a couple of hours outdoors combined with gentle exercise, a challenge and good company. It is a great source of entertainment for an ageing population.

We are also proud to support the local community, by getting involved with local activities and general support of the village. The club is now in its 87th year.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would like to improve the banking on one end of the bowling green and provide a multipurpose shelter with seating. Earlier this season we built a sheltered area, this provides a spectator viewing area, acts as a windbreak, a refuge if there is rain and shade from the sun. It also provides visiting teams somewhere to change into their shoes.

We have also rebuilt the banking at one end of the bowling green, making it more pleasing on the eye, safer and sturdier to walk on, but more importantly it provides easier access to the green for all bowlers, including our less mobile members. We have plans to do the same at the other end of the green. The work required to the banking will cost about £700 and the shelter about £600. As I said previously, we are self-financing and therefore any help would be very welcome, please see the attached photos which show the work we have done already and the area that requires improvement.

"Leven East Street Bowling Club prides itself on being inclusive for all ages and abilities. New members are always welcome, Neil Rhodes (Chairman)"

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