Leeds Muslim Youth Group


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A young persons community group created to serve and
support the Muslim and wider non-Muslim communities in/around Leeds.

The objectives are to provide continual opportunities for social, spiritual and holistic education for 3-19 year old people.

Group introduction

The objectives of “Leeds Muslim Youth Group” shall be:
1. To provide continual opportunities for social, spiritual and holistic education for 3-19 year old people within the Muslim and local Non-Muslim Communities

2. To establish adequate permanent facilities to create a positive environment for
continued learning and self-improvement.

3. To create awareness and an atmosphere of respect, integrity and acceptability for
people of all Cultures, Religions and Denominations.

4. To develop community projects that will improve the community spirit and
self-reliance within the Leeds Muslim/Non-Muslim Communities

5. To develop Interfaith and Intrafaith dialogue between religious and non-religious
groups in and around Leeds

Our activities to date have included:
- Four-six week young person seminars/lectures on local and national youth issues
- Training opportunities for holistic education (eg. community engagement, personal development)
- Interfaith question times, conferences and events
- Community engagement projects (developing hyde park, community peace events)
- Hosting and working with local Syrian community

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding will be used towards funding the 'Hyde Park Regeneration Project'.

The main park space becomes full of students with alcohol, BBQs and younger people who use the onsite cycle park, there isn’t any park benches in the park and no suitable usable space for people outside of that demographic.

The area in question to be regenerated has been neglected for 10 years, with a decline in the plants, greenery and protection of the land so it has become completely unusable. The main benefices will the local community, with local primary schools and multiple faith institutions that work with young and older people, the park will benefit many groups throughout the spring & summer time with an outdoor space, post-completion up keeping
community volunteering and the local community café will benefit from the future fruit and
fruit produce.

Volunteers will be accumulating hours to complete their 100 Hour V-Inspired award. The project will be delivered by people from the local church (All-Hallows), Leeds Muslim Youth Group and children from the local primary schools. The funding will be used to buy materials for the development of a community mosaic path, seating area and plants and compost for the surrounding area.

"Dr. Mohammad Mozaffari (Chairman Leeds Muslim Youth Group)

'The Skipton Grassroots Giving grant has helped to support an essential improvement to Hyde-Park (Leeds) and with its support countless people will enjoy walking, sitting and resting for years to come in the new community park space'."

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