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Kirkbymoorside in Bloom brings colour, vibrancy and a sense of well-being to a traditional market town's residents and visitors alike.

Group introduction

Kirkbymoorside in Bloom was formed over 12 years ago by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers who wished to improve and enhance the centre of this market town on the edge of the North York Moors. It runs on a formal basis with meetings once a month with a business agenda and accounts presented. Most of its work is of a practical nature and currently it has 92 floral display tubs spread across the town which are planted up twice a year in Spring and Summer. In addition, it now has 40 floral baskets planted and maintained largely by Kirkbymoorside in Bloom. Due to insurance requirements the watering of the baskets (all at high level) is outsourced.

The group is also involved in growing many of the plants used, maintenance and replanting, fund-raising with both cake and plant stalls, litter picking in the local community and helping to maintain the local War Memorial Garden and the Brownie Garden.
It engages with youth groups, cubs, scouts and the local school to encourage others to take pride in and respect their environment. To help raise public profile it has entered Yorkshire in Bloom in the past and runs an Open Gardens event annually, liaising with churches and private residents, who open up their otherwise unseen gardens to all who wish to take part in the town trail. As part of this year’s Open Gardens it instigated ‘pot-art’ when residents were encouraged to make something out of plant pots to display outside their property.
All of the above greatly add to the well-being of the town’s population of around 3000, local businesses and visitors alike by adding colour and vibrancy and hopefully encourages visitors to make a return visit.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Any funding Kirkbymoorside in Bloom might receive would impact significantly on this rural community as it is hoped to expand the work already done in the centre of town and the town itself to include planting tubs and baskets alongside the A170 road which runs across the southern edge of the town. There is a lot of through traffic here and hopefully a well maintained and welcoming appearance would encourage more visitors to turn off and visit the centre of town thereby helping local businesses. To ensure sustainability money will also need to be spent in a rolling programme of replacing tubs and baskets. Whilst many plants are ‘home-grown’ some have to be bought in. The long term benefit of all future work engaged in is immeasurable as the rural economy in this area of Ryedale depends on both local support and visitors. If a town is attractive on first appearance and presents itself well it is well worth another visit. Taking a pride in the local area with a florally- enhanced, litter-free environment can only be good for all. Funding will certainly help the current numbers in town, hopefully encouraging them to spend time and money locally, but most of all add to their general well-being.

"Gaynor De Barr - Chairman of the Kirkbymoorside in Bloom group says its work with a corps group of ten or so people helps 'brings colour, vibrancy and a sense of well-being to a traditional market town's residents, local businesses and visitors alike."

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