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Hull United Whites

Friends. Football. Fun.

The team was formed by the players themselves, all of who are friends who go to school together across three schools in Hull. They are a bunch of great lads who, win or lose, always have a smile on their face. Last season they progressed to League 1 and have ended the season in second please. As parents, we are so proud.

Group introduction

The team is run by volunteers and we are a self-sufficient team. All our subs are spent on the team, but with the council now charging for training or match grounds it is not easy. We have been a team for three years now and you couldn't wish to meet a better set of young lads.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The money received from Skipton's Grassroots Giving programme would be spent on a new kit for the team, which would be set to last them approximately two years. As the team are growing lads, who are now all in men's sizes, the kit is more expensive than previously. We have 16 boys in our team and all from different backgrounds, but bringing them together as a team has found them new friends and a place to go, as youth clubs no longer exist in our area.

"I'm Tracey Meyerhoff, but anyone of us including the team would be happy to take part"

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Hull United Whites u14s

Hull united Whites u14s