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We create and manage recreational spaces for young people, the elderly and families by working closely with the community, the Council and the Police along with other partner organisations.

Group introduction

There are about 15 active volunteers and we vary in ages and social classes, but we all have had one aim since 2001, that is to make our environment a safe, clean and friendly place to live and work. By identifying needs across the community and with their involvement we have transformed what was once a frowned upon area in to a little oasis of tranquillity.

We have put in a children's play area, a MACCA and a youth pod. We have transformed the canalside by putting in seating and gardens, created a community orchard and won a national award in 2016 for a local nature reserve we created from a field of bogland and brambles. This is used by schools for education and by hundreds of visitors for recreation.

We have organised and funded trips for the elderly on the Leeds/Liverpool canal, also out of school activities such as tennis, canoeing and basketball and cycling coaching, along with Police Camp. Last year, along with the local school children, we celebrated the bicentennial of our canal with a large mural done by the children and an illustrated information board, complete with a local walking map.

In 2015 we were given a Duke of York Award for our achievements and the enrichment of our environment, which has reduced anti-social behaviour to almost nil.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The succesful partnership between our group and Saltaire Primary School has seen pupils involved in and contributing to their local community, whilst also learning valuable lessons and skills. Our plan is for the children to produce 16 large panels of artwork, using key features of Shipley past and present, learning about their history and putting it on public display for people to admire. These panels are to be placed on a dowdy building on the approach to the Saltaire World Heritage Site and will transform the surroundings and delight everyone who passes.There will be hundreds each day as it is on a main road to Saltaire.

The children of Shipley and their families will be the main beneficiaries showing off their skills and taking pride in contributing to the community with their outdoor art skills and also the people of Saltaire and Shipley.

These may even become rivals to the Hockney exhibition that many people visit Saltaire to view, who knows, but they will be a talking point across Bradford thats for sure.

Everyone starts somewhere with support.

""Hirst Wood has a vibrant, interesting and ever developing community, helping to transform its environment and enrich lives." - Cllr Kevin Warnes"

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