Harrogate twins and multiples


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Harrogate twins and multiple group, helping parents of multiples help each other.

Group introduction

Our group runs at the children centre to get parents of twins and more together. The group is run by a volunteer named Jean and some of the parents.

The children play and the adults get to talk to other multiple parents about multiple parent issues. We also encourage expectant parents to come and find out information about multiple pregnancy and birth so they can make informed decisions. Each week we have a theme for crafting and all sit together and have a snack then sing songs with all the children.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We currently use the toys and materials that the children's centre have available. We would love to have our own things and to be able to do activities that we want to do.

We have between 6 and 10 families attend each group, but would love to be able to have more people come.

""The group helped me realise I could have twins and still be a fully functioning adult!""

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