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Glusburn Youth Theatre is a fantastic place for children and young adults to come and have fun. They can also learn new skills, gain confidence and make new friends along the way.

Group introduction

The Glusburn Youth Theatre s a continuation of a series of groups which have provided the young people of the area with facilities to perform pantomime and musical Theatre since 1930's.
The group s based at the Glusburn Institute, and has members from the village and surrounding areas, the group is open to anyone ages between 5-25 years, including people from all backgrounds, ethnicity, and ability, no one is ever turned away. The members are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the theatre, sound, lights, stage management, scriptwriting, as well as acting and singing. Wee also encourage the older members to become committee members and run the group longer term Our current committee contains thirteen members eight of whom are under 30 years of age, and have been involved in the group and its predecessors for many years of their lives.

The Group presently produces an annual pantomime and a showcase, we hope to produce additional performances as we progress, our last to pantomimes and the next in February 2018 have all been written and directed by the young people themselves.
We are unique in amateur theatre in the area in that we include a flying ballet our productions, this has delighted our audiences for over twenty five years and has been broadcast by the local BBC news programme.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As with all small groups funding is very difficult to obtain, over the last few years some of our equipment is becoming obsolete and in some cases illegal to use. The prime areas we need to address are the body microphones and lightening. Over the years we have hired body mics for our productions but recent changes in legislation have meant that our suppliers have had to replace their microphones creating a situation where our hire charges have risen from £500 p.a to £1000 P.A. We are attempting to purchase our own equipment in this area. The lightening in modern theatre is tending to be LED lightening which can be more easily controlled and also reduce power consumption, this equipment would provide our young people with currant equipment to use, the knowledge gained will enable them to work with confidence in a modern environment. We have made major inroads into the provision of this equipment but additional funding will enable us to move towards independence more quickly.
This equipment will also provide all members with more confidence on stage and provide a better experience for our audiences .

I'm am so sorry i can not send pictures to support this application because i have a new computer, you can obtain these off our Facebook page or if you have a email i can send them too please and thank you, hope this does not effect our application. thanks again

"Simonne Nommik
Youth Committee Member
Script written and producer

I have been in the pantomime with Glusburn Youth Theatre since I was 6 years old, so 17 years Being in the pantomimes has bought me along so much, it has given me so much confidence and i have made lots of friends along the way, some who are not part of GYT anymore, but they are now long life friends. I met my now husband though Glusburn Youth Theatre, i don't go on stage now, but I'm more involved with behind the scenes now, I write scripts, help direct, do prompting, and do the sound affects on my laptop, I have just had a little girl, and I'm so excited for when she can join in, she was ver much part of it last year in my tummy, and she was born a month early, so had to come to panto week with us every day, but she loves all the music, as we still play it for her now, I'm sure she will love the stage as much as me and her dad does, i can't wait to see her up there, enjoying herself and gaining confidence that will help her throughout her life.

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