Friends in Harmony


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Friends in Harmony is a group of 20 singers and 2 musicians who have the joy of living up to their name! We give performances all through the year to raise money for local and national charities.

Group introduction

Our group began as a small local ensemble in the 1990s, but was reorganised and expanded in 2010. Since then, we have raised over £10,500 for charities.

We rehearse weekly and always feel uplifted by the music, camaraderie and sheer fun of being a team. That we can share this with our audiences is a fantastic plus!

We perform in residential and nursing homes, social gatherings, events and formal-type concerts....anywhere we're asked.

Our choice of repertoire is vital. If we enjoy what we're singing, so will our audiences. We are frequently delighted by the reactions we get from dementia sufferers who often join in. "Uplifting" is a word often used by audience members and they are encouraged to sing along if so moved!

We never charge fees or expenses but are pleased with donations, however small, which we forward to a variety of charities: well over 40 so far.

All our members are volunteers. No one is paid, including the Musical Director. Our ages range from 30s to 80s, ladies and gentlemen. Occasionally we ask guests to perform with us, again this is voluntary.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

A grant from the Skipton building Society would cover the cost of new music folders and acquiring new repertoire for our future song
"themes" (we have a different one each year). We use hand percussion where appropriate and would love to get some more unusual instruments.

This would help us to continue to develop our programmes and performances in the community.

""The choir is amazing! Full of energy and feeling, you can see that everyone enjoys being part of the group. We all felt so much better after hearing them ."
Mrs. Janet Shipman
Retirement Living Advisor
Loxley Court Sheffield

"I feel proud to be able to contribute to something that gives us so much enjoyment and can be used to help others less fortunate than ourselves."
Alan Shaw,
choir member since 2010"

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