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Providing a platform for the children of Eldwick and the surrounding area, to get involved in a sport that is fun, affordable and rewarding.

Group introduction

Junior coaching had not been provided at Eldwick for many years until Tom Fawcett & Sam Smith whom are two playing members of the Tennis Club, volunteered to reintroduce junior group coaching at Eldwick.

This is now the 3rd year that Tom and Sam have provided successful junior coaching without sponsorship, funding or additional resources and each year the number of children attending the sessions has gradually increased. The junior group coaching is provided every summer for children from ages 6 – 15 years. Whether a child would like to try tennis for the first time or is looking to improve their game, Tom and Sam aim to accommodate children of all levels.
The coaching provides access not only to a healthy sporting activity but also to a great social community for the children to experience new friendships.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Without children being introduced to tennis within the local community, the future of local tennis and Eldwick Tennis Club would be at risk.

Therefore, Tom and Sam are encouraging children to come and try tennis for all the health and social benefits it provides, alongside building the foundations for the future of local tennis in Eldwick.
The feedback received from both parents and children suggests that the coaching now needs additional resources to help provide improved coaching sessions, to continue to attract new children to the coaching every summer.

The money received from the junior coaching has enabled the club to purchase cones and baskets for the coaching sessions and now the coaches would like to be able to provide coaching to the standard that larger clubs provide within the Bradford District, with the introduction of a ball machine.

A ball machine would provide the coaches with that additional resource and flexibility needed to help deliver better quality coaching to the children. The children would also love to see technology helping their learning!

The identified ball machine would cost approximately £800; therefore your £500 grant would help considerably towards our goal to purchasing a ball machine and to continue to attract junior members.
Thank you!

""The 3 boys loved it - Thanks and well done"
(Mike Barrett - Parent of Junior Member)"

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