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Dance Expression Gymnastics for children aged 2+

Group introduction

Dance Expression gymnastics is a part of Dance Expression School of Dance. We offer a range of dance classes, gymnastics being one of these. Anna Baggaley and Lucy Walker own and run Dance Expression and their employee, Laura Ventress, runs and heads the gymnastic side of things.

We currently have 180 students with this increasing all the time. Dance Expression has been up and running for 10 years, with gymnastics being introduced 4 years ago. We offer classes to children aged 2+ and cover a wide range of skills including floor, vault, trampette, rhythmic and acro. We are constantly growing and love welcoming more and more children in to enjoy the sport.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are constantly fundraising for new equipment. When we started the gym classes 4 years ago all we had were a few mats, but with hard work we have built up our equipment. We are currently raising money for a tumble track. This is a long trampoline for the children to learn new skills on and it will benefit them immensely. It will create a massive opportunity for children of all ages to learn more and more skills and give them the confidence to take their gymnastics further.

""Dance Expression is like one big family, I feel like a very proud parent to all 180+ children and love helping them develop and learn." - Laura Ventress, Head of DE Gymnastics."

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