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Fancy triathlon as a challenge? Whether you're 8 or 80 our club will give you all the support you need, so you too can follow in Yorkshire's own Brownlee brothers footsteps!

Group introduction

We are a small friendly multisport club who run regular training sessions for juniors and adults, across swimming, running and cycling. We aim to cater for real beginners who have never tried some of these disciplines right through to experienced athletes.

Our club was formed eight years ago by its founding members, many of whom are still active today, in order to provide structured coached training sessions for juniors and adults across all aspects of triathlon. We have 180 adult members, 119 family group memberships and 77 individual junior memberships. We are particularly proud of our coached swim provision; indoor at Craven Leisure pool and outdoor at Raygill Lake, Skipton. At these venues we offer four sessions a week to juniors and adults across all levels of ability. To further support increased accessibility to juniors we have worked to develop a wetsuit hire scheme to enable juniors to experience coached open water swimming, these opportunities have been well subscribed. A local business provides use of their car park at weekends to enable us to safely run junior cycling coaching on an all year round basis, adults are encouraged to join evening and weekend cycle rides with other club members to develop their skills and fitness. Coached running is available to all ages on a weekly basis at a local running track venue.
Our club however is not just focused on coaching and training we are keen to see as many of our own members and the much wider community take part in triathlon in order to promote the health and enjoyment benefits for all. To this end we have as a club become actively engaged in hosting Junior Triathlon and adult GoTri events. Junior Triathlon is open to entry for all children aged 8-16 of all abilities, club membership is not a criteria for entry these are open events. Junior Triathlon allows children to compete in a safe environment i.e. away from traffic with full transition support provided by volunteers from the club. Similarly GoTri are British Triathlon recognised events held by the club four times a year to encourage novice and first timers to take part in a shortened distance, fully supported and timed event. We have capacity to host approx. 100 competitors at each event and they are regularly oversubscribed. Again these events are run completely by volunteers from within the club as we all appreciate the grassroots support we give is how most of us entered triathlon in the first instance. As a club we would wish to continue to provide the coaching we do to our members but also continue to expand our capacity to offer triathlon opportunities to a wider audience in our community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would like to use the Grassroots funding to promote wider participation in triathlon events through the acquisition of equipment to allow us to adequately support our current provision of Junior and GoTri events and future expansion of these. Our club is currently in need of a gazebo shelter for use at events for registration, athlete protection etc. and our own bike racking for the transition zones, we currently rent this per event, a perpetual drain on limited club finances. The racking and gazebo in particular would allow us to push further our introduction to triathlon training sessions we have trialled prior to junior and senior competitive events where we have had people joining us from the wider community as far away as Newcastle for a full day of help and support prior to competitors first events.
We would envisage the lifespan of such an investment being a minimum of 5 years for the gazebo (allowing for wear and tear), 10 years plus for the racking. This long term investment would guarantee our being able to sustain current provision and build upon it.

"Quote from recent GoTRi event competitor Sarah M
"My first triathlon and it was fantastic. The volunteers were wonderful and it was such a friendly environment. If you're worried about being too slow, only swimming breast stroke, not being skinny enough....don't be, it was really inclusive. Sign up and just do it!""

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