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Crafting your heart out makes room for your soul to grow.

Group introduction

I set up Community Craft Group in June 2016, when I wanted to give back to the community of Rotherham, where people help me overcome my mental health issues by attending WEA Confidence building class for over 2 years, to improve my confidence talking to others, self-esteem and anxiety issues.

The Community Craft Group welcomes everyone to come and join the class. The class meets up every Friday afternoon, at Unity Centre in Rotherham. The group is needed in the area of Rotherham, so the surrounding neighbourhoods can meet in one place and for people to increase their circle of friends, whilst learning a new craft skill and a passion for art and crafts. The members pass on their art and crafts knowledge to other crafters, encouraging them to try new things and develop other interests.

There is quite a mix of ages, but some members are quite elderly and lonely and this is a safe place they come to chat over a cup of tea, whilst making crafts. It really makes a difference to their social wellbeing and it provides a sense of community and belonging. Many of the students suffer with mental health or have disabilities, which I can relate to, and so we give them the support and encouragement they need to believe that they can achieve anything in this world.

I have over 3 years experience teaching student’s crafts, I make sure everyone can do the same craft no matter what their ability may be. Every person can make the same craft, they all just need different strategies to help the student achieve their crafts.

When it is someone’s birthday, I make a homemade cake and card for members, so they know I care enough to do this out of my own time.
Community Craft Group is a voluntary group mainly run by Zoe Green, who acts as Chair, and Shahida who acts as Secretary and Nazia who acts as Trusurer, but all of the members willingly help out when needed.

The Community Craft Group pays for the hire of the room, the cost of refreshment and the materials used in session. Community Craft Group has raised money for Macmillan by having a coffee morning.

The Community Craft Group have contributed to the love is louder project, where we have made angels.

I am very passionate about the group and want to make things better for the local community people to have somewhere to talk and make crafts. It's the best decision of my life setting up the Community Craft Group, I love making crafts and been a social purpose teacher.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If we are successful, as some of our members suffer with arthritis, we would benefit from a couple of the new sewing machines. At the moment some of our members have to rely on others to hand sew for them as using their elbows, hands and wrists can be quite painful. Having machines would give them independence and make things much easier for them and the whole group.

Crafting is a distraction from their worries and it de-stresses you by making something with your own hands, for example dressmaking and patchwork. By having a sewing machine, it will encourage a sense of satisfaction and achievement to see the final product of a project and know that they have made it by themselves, without help from others. It helps members use their hand-eye coordination and keep their brain active, whilst still been in relaxing environment.

"Pauline Green, volunteer - "Community Craft Group brings a sense of belonging to the Rotherham Community and creates a positive community spirit, which is very important to members that live alone. The Group is very friendly, sociable and welcoming. They look forward to meeting up every week to chat and craft. We have a very talented craft tutor, who is willing to share her knowledge of crafts and tips to achieve the best results.""

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