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A big part of our local and wider community offering juniors and adults alike the opportunity to be involved in cricket at village level. From beginners to the experienced, we welcome people from all communities.

Group introduction

Cayton Cricket Club was formed pre 1931 and were league champions for the 1st time in 1937. Originally playing in a field that a farmer loaned to us, we then moved to our present ground on Station Road in 1972.

We are run by a committee of volunteers which include a chairman, secretary, treasurer and groundsman and our other volunteers, that turn up week in week out. This includes the scorers, the tea lady, the umpires, the person who collects for the raffle each week and the many other people that are involved for their love of the club and of the game of cricket. We have three junior teams, three Saturday teams and two evening teams, and we welcome anyone that will come and play for us at our friendly club.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Two of our cricket teams play on our main ground, however having three teams means that one team has to play on a ground that we rent. Therefore there are very few facilities there and unfortunately the team are often seen to be having to 'muddle through'. The ground does not have any covers and therefore the slightest bit of rain and the game can soon be called off, going against the 'Get the Game On' attitude that Yorkshire Cricket promotes. Sometimes the players can go for 2/3 weeks without a weekend game, which is such a shame as they are all as keen as mustard. We would like to purchase some ground sheets and the pegs that attach to it, to try to ensure that we get a game for the players.

""Lets try to do as much as we can to 'Get the Game on'" - Claire Woodhead, Secretary"

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