Cayton Bowling Club


Your story

Cayton Bowling club started in 1990. Since then we have been able to lease from Cayton Parish Council ground on which to develop a first class bowling green and a club house that will be the envy of the area.

Group introduction

Since the year 2000 we have been in possession of our new club house. The green is maintained by our own members. During the summer season we play outdoors on our bowling green as well as indoor for short mat bowling. During the winter months we play indoors short mat bowling with 2 rinks available. Summer and winter we are open to members of the public to come and enjoy a game of bowls. and we welcome any age group. the fees we charge are very reasonable within everyone's budget. we may not be the most successful club as far as skill and ability is concerned but I do not know of a friendlier club.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our worktops in our kitchen are needing replaced. So under health and safety we need to replace them. we would need in the region of £1000 to do this so any help we can get from the grassroots funding would be appreciated. We tried last year but were unsuccessful in our application but we were told to apply again this year.

"Pleasant company, social bowling, friendly atmosphere, cup of tea/coffee and a chat, its all here at Cayton Bowling Club."

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