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We actively promote the healthy sport of tennis to a new generation of children.

Group introduction

We are a lawn and hard court tennis club of 80 adult members, who play social and competitive tennis. We also oversee the public tennis courts in Bridlington. We are aiming to promote sport, in particular tennis, to young people because of the proven health and social benefits for children involved in sport.

Our junior section has increased dramatically over the past year and we now have about 80 children, ranging from 3 years to 16 years, who attend coaching sessions. We run a summer tennis school and we have this year started winter training at our local leisure centre. We have provided coaching for several local schools and we would like to employ a junior coach within the club in the future because of increasing interest in tennis locally. Bridlington Town Council awarded our club their shield for "Outstanding Contribution to Sport in Bridlington" in early 2017.

As junior coaching has increased we have become acutely aware of the shortage of storage space for junior equipment and we hope to build a concrete base for a new secure storage shed. We also have some elderly members of the club and we wish to provide a defibrillator for the club house. We are also actively seeking funds for the repair, re-sealing and repainting of our hard courts, which is likely to cost between £5000 and £7000, a very large sum of money for a small tennis club in an area of relative social deprivation.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would put the Grassroots Giving money towards the cost of a secure storage shed for junior tennis coaching aids and equipment, as well as a defibrillator for use in the event of a cardiac arrest. We also wish to invest in the maintenance of the hard court surface. This expenditure will benefit the 80 children who are receiving coaching, the 80 adult members of the club and other children who will join the club in the future. The funding will help us to improve the quality and safety of our courts.

"Dr Anthony Clarke, President of BLTC: "I am very proud of the success of our volunteer Junior Coaches as they continue to inspire another generation of children to play the healthy sport of tennis. I am grateful to Skipton Grassroots Giving for helping to improve the quality and safety of our club facilities.""

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