Knowle Village Cricket Club

Knowle, Solihull

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A village cricket club, founded in 1875 for the furtherance of cricket in the Knowle community.

Group introduction

The village cricket club, founded in 1875 by members of the Knowle community, continues to be run by members of the cricket club for the provision of the playing of cricket within the Knowle environment. This being for the benefit of all members of the Knowle community, any person can join the club and partake in playing cricket for it’s enjoyment.
We encourage young people from the age of 9 to join and learn how to play cricket. We run several age teams, under 11’s, under 13’s and under 15’s and these teams all play in league fixtures. These young people are encouraged to play through the ages, very many of whom become members of the senior cricket teams, playing cricket on Saturdays and Sundays and also the Wednesday leagues.
We have close association with the three schools within the close Knowle environment and indeed with other schools close by in Solihull, encouraging cricket to be played.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would utilise the money to help purchase a new petrol mower. We are in need of replacing our existing petrol mower, now many years old and breaking down. We would find the remaining money required by fund raising. The new mower would be used to maintain the high standards of outfield and strips that are required by the cricket leagues that we play in. This mower would be used by volunteer members to mow the outfield of the cricket club pitch. With the teams that play on the pitch, we have to maintain the high standards we have set, ensuring that all of our teams, from under 11’s to senior teams, have the safe environment to play on.

"John Richmond, President and Committee member.
Knowle Village Cricket Club is open to all adults and children who live within Knowle and the surrounding area, whatever their level of ability or cricketing experience. The opportunity is provided to learn how to play cricket in a relaxed environment and all members are encouraged to participate in the regular team fixtures."

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