Birmingham City Korfball Club

Selly Park, Birmingham,

Your story

We are a friendly and energetic club offering sport at a social and also elite level. Our focus is participation and promoting health and well-being.

Group introduction

We are all about the sport of korfball! A mixed gender sport where men and women play on the same team. Each team is made up of 4 men and 4 women thus promoting equality and competition.
The club is run by our committee of volunteers, headed by Stew, our president, a recent graduate of Nottingham University who has been at the club for 2 years. He is ambitious about increasing membership and spreading the sport throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.
We have been active for 12 years engaging the Birmingham community with this exciting sport.
We have 3 teams ranging from the highest league in the country to a fun participation led local league.
We help a multicultural cross section of the community by providing a social and supportive environment to get fit, improve team work and make friends.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This funding would enable us to procure a sports hall to offer free for all taster sessions to extend our reach into the community. In particular we are looking to get people active who do not currently participate in regular sport or activity.
Beyond this we will purchase smaller sized korfballs for use with children, as well as bibs. We are hoping to reach into 3 local schools or youth groups to introduce korfball to young adults and children. We will then look to expand this program further in the coming years.
Introducing children to korfball has been shown to improve social interaction between genders at an awkward age. Building confidence and empowering children and adults through sport will increase the livelihood of the people of Birmingham for years to come.
With the right mix of funding and volunteers this program has the potential to reach over 50 adults and children with the possibility of an even greater number.

"Jess Bond, Social Sec: Since joining Birmingham City KC in September 2016 I have been overwhelmed by the positivity and support of the club. I never thought I could like a sports club this much.'"

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