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Troserch Community Woodlands is managed to provide quiet enjoyment for the public whilst encouraging the maximum diversity of wildlife.

Group introduction

Early in 2006 Troserch Woods was put up for sale by its then owners. On April 12th 2006 residents of Llangennech met to look into the feasibility of purchasing the wood and bringing it into community ownership.
Troserch Woodlands Society was set up, and with the hard work of many within the community and the generous support of a grant by CydCoed, this ancient woodland was finally purchased for the community in October 2006.
The woods are owned by Troserch Woodland Property Ltd. and managed on its behalf by Troserch Woodland Society.
The aims of the society are to:
• Conserve valuable ancient mixed woodland
• Ensure public access for quiet enjoyment
• Promote a variety of wildlife and encourage biodiversity.
• Foster community involvement
. Encourage schools and young people to learn about nature.
• Contribute to a sustainable local economy.

We have at present 113 members who pay £5 per annum to support the Society
The society itself is run by a voluntary committee who meet on a monthly basis. In addition a core group of people, supported by other volunteers, run regular working parties. They undertake maintenance tasks within the woodlands to ensure public safety and continue to improve public access and the amenities within the woodland. The main tasks are keeping paths open, clearing fallen trees and litter picking.

There are bi-annual risk assessments which identify any potential safety issues to be addressed by the work parties
We have also built a traditional Round House with a "living roof" which provides both a focal point for people to meet and a very necessary shelter from the rain.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

In 2016 we purchased a beehive and the bees are now successfully established in the woodland. We considered this a positive thing to do, for as well as us supporting the bee population, the bees are contributing to an increase in the bio-diversity of the woodland through the increased pollination of flora. We will be taking our first harvest of honey this year and would like to expand the number of hives within the woodland. The money would be used to buy more hives and a centrifugal honey extractor.
We are planning to sell the honey and other beeswax products within the local community (we attend events such as the village Christmas Fair where we promote the woodland ). Any profits raised would be put into the Society

"Troserch Woodland Society does a great job in maintaining Troserch Woods for the enjoyment and education of the community.
The hard work of the committee and volunteers ensures that this valuable resource is kept accessible to the young and not so young.
Alan Roberts
Troserch Woodland Society."

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