Save Our Skrinkle Park


Your story

A community coming together to save their rural local play park to ensure the health and well being of all residents.

Group introduction

Save Our Skrinkle Park is a voluntary group of local parents and grandparents who came together in 2016 to try and save our childrens' play area in Skrinkle, Manorbier. The park equipment has come to its end of life and will not be replaced by the Council. We meet regularly to organise fundraising activities including sponsored bike rides, pub quizzes, fun days and discos with the aim of replacing play equipment and ensuring access to outdoor play for our children and young people, as well as visitors to our area.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Funding will help us to buy essential play park apparatus and safety matting for our park which will have a lifespan of at least 25 years. This will ensure that children and young people will have access to a park for many years to come. Our park is in a rural part of West Wales. There are no other facilities in our area and the park is an essential hub for the community where children and their families get together to socialise which helps enormously with community cohesion. As a group we are promoting access to outdoor play and learning and supporting our young people to stay healthy and fit. We want to ensure our community has a good healthy quality of life. We encourage people to support our group through organising fundraising activities or making a donation through our Crowd Funding page or via collection tins in local shops and amenities.

"The residents of Skrinkle are working tirelessly to raise funding to replace their park equipment which is about to be removed. We are concerned about the long term effects of not having a safe play area for our children and young people and how this will impact on the whole community."

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