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Ebbw Vale

Your story

We are a local football club that was formed by the work force from Ebbw Vale steelworks in 1952. They developed their own pitch in Hilltop, Ebbw Vale for them to have some kind of social life after work. Through the years we have had a number of local men going to play for teams in the Welsh football league. We used to only have two side years ago, then in 2001 we started our Mini & Junior section which as got strong every year, this season we provided football for 124 children from the age of 6 - 16, this season we've also started a youth team which provides football for young adults between the age of 16-18 years of age.

Group introduction

We are a local football club run by a committee of volunteers. We have several committee members from a president, to kit men and coaches who are all local people.The aim of the organisation is to encourage young people to participate in the sport of Association football, and to promote the benefit of an active and healthy lifestyle, in an area with high levels of ill health and poor exercise.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We could buy at least one new football kit with the £500 and some equipment, footballs, cones, etc. The kit would then be handed down to the next year group, as it gets too small for the older teams. The new footballs could be spread evenly to each team, and decent footballs can last for 2 or 3 seasons.

"If you would like your child to play football in a welcoming but educational setting then RTB Ebbw Vale AFC is the club for you.

Jonathan Caswell Vice Chairman"

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