Lisvane Cricket Club

St Mellons, Cardiff

Your story

Lisvane Cricket Club is a volunteer run club, with grass roots participation at its heart.

Group introduction

At Lisvane Cricket Club, we run sides starting from U9 all the way through to a veterans over 50. We aim to get people hooked on sport and offer opportunities to play and volunteer in a wide range of roles.

In the last 4 years we started a fifth Saturday side to enable junior to start playing in adult cricket. This year we have also started an U19 side for the first time, to create a complete pathway to keep juniors involved in sport.

We aim in short, to provide a complete pathway from six to our oldest member at 71 to enjoy the great game of cricket.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This funding would be used to support the U19 project. We aim to be able to provide opportunities for this age group to participate in the local Cricket Wales league. This requires additional equipment in the form of coloured clothing and pink balls which the club does not currently have.

This age group will be expanding and we need additional funding to be able to support it fully.

Our other approach is to engage this age group in assisting in the coaching of younger age groups in the club. The funding would also be used for members of this age group to attend a Cricket Activators course through the National Governing Body. This will enable them to generate leadership skills and continue to contribute to the club and community even if they were to stop playing.

This project will impact on not just the current group of players, but establish the team for future U19 players. Their efforts working with the lower age groups, will also create role models and have a positive impact for the club as a whole.

""The U19 initiative is a great one. We have already had interest from player to come back to the game who have been lost to adult cricket. They are inspired by the shorter game, coloured clothing and of course the pink ball!" - Alistair Waldron, U19 Head Coach"

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