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APHASIA – Amazing People, Happy And Supportive, Increasing Awareness

I am writing as the Peer Leader from the Weymouth Aphasia Group.
Our group is a free support group and we meet up twice a month for Aphasia sufferers (& relatives) in the Weymouth, Portland & surrounding areas. It is run by myself an Aphasia sufferer & volunteers. There is no other group like ours in Weymouth and the surrounding areas. We attempt to bring Aphasia sufferers together, to provide support, confidence building and friendship, which would not otherwise happen and leave sufferers isolated and feeling very alone. We are in contact with the local hospitals and speech therapists, who are able to refer patients to our group. It is a free support group and cost nothing to attend. We only ask members to provide £1 towards Tea or Coffee. As we have no funding or backing, we would be very grateful if the Skipton Building Society Grassroots would consider helping our group this year, towards our expenses for our Free Support Group that we offer to the local community.

Group introduction

Weymouth Aphasia Group supports people who suffer with Aphasia, which is a communication disability that can occur after stroke or head injury. Aphasia is a hidden disability. Few people know about Aphasia, but it affects so many people not only in our own community, but nationwide.

Aphasia can happen to anyone at any time or age, each person experiences it differently. Some people can no longer speak, some only have a few words, others can no longer read, write or use numbers. A communication disability can have a profound impact upon a person’s life, leading to a lack of confidence, isolation, low self-esteem and even family breakdown.
Weymouth Aphasia Group offers free support and friendship for sufferers and their families in the local community.

It is a great opportunity for people with Aphasia to relax over tea and coffee and to meet people who understand what it is like to live with this condition. Members have reported having more confidence and reduced isolation since attending our group. (see attached). Our current members all genuinely look forward to their afternoons with us & some great friendships have been formed.
Originally we had support from UK Connect, who have since disbanded towards the end of last year and we are now completely on our own. As we no longer have funding / backing, we would be very grateful if we could be considered for help.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are fortunate that Gracewell’s of Weymouth kindly donate a free room for us to hold our regular meetings, but what we need is funding to put towards additional games, educational materials, occasional entertainment at our afternoon sessions, crafts, additional advertising as well as the small general expenses that it costs to run our group. This is essential to keep our sessions varied, stimulating, fun & an aid to help us with our disabilities. Advertising also comes at a cost. We previously have printed a large number of leaflets to advertise our group, but a reprint will be required shortly as well as printing additional posters that all come at an expense. Any money will be so gratefully received and make such a difference to our existing members and hopefully we will encourage and continue to educate new / more Aphasia sufferers, who could participate in a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Aphasia Group. They would not have the worry that they would not be able to be understood. We will continue to inform & educate more of the community about Aphasia.

"APHASIA – Amazing People, Happy And Supportive, Increasing Awareness.

Pat Browne (Peer Leader)"

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