Your story

We are about to open our very first small studio in Portsmouth. We plan to run free guitar tuition groups for 3 hours each week for people who experience mental health problems in our local community. Lots of these people will be socially isolated, lonely and living in social deprivation. We aim to bring a sense of community and inclusiveness that will help to develop confidence and friendship whilst learning skills in guitar playing.

Group introduction

Tonic Music for Mental Health aims to challenge stigma and promote recovery through music. We are a grassroots community group working with people who experience mental health problems. We host gigs, events, music workshops and plan to start free music tuition in guitar and bass in our new studio based in Portsmouth.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Music brings people and communities together, it helps to create friendships and understanding and break down barriers. We believe friendships will be made within the group we hope to set up that will extend beyond the group itself. We believe the group will reduce social isolation and loneliness and support people's individual recovery in their mental health journey. Participants will become more confident. In previous groups we have set up, participants have gone on to work in paid employment after years of being out of work; have reduced psychiatric hospital admissions; have made meaningful friendships; have formed bands and gone on to produce EPs and played paid gigs and festivals.

"Tonic Music for Mental Health is a not-for-profit organisation based in the South-Coast of England and established in 2012. In the current climate of austerity measures and government cuts, services available to people with mental health problems are often limited and hard to access. We aim to support people through music who may already be receiving input from mental health services and those who have not had any previous contact to provide an inclusive support network to help people through their recovery."

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