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Group introduction

Our art group is run by Tricia Latham. of course there are others on a committee .
It's main object is to encourage aspiring artists, exchange ideas, art techniques and learn from established artists.
It was started by hard graft from three men who started by turning a cow shed into a studio. It has gone from strength to strength , from an old bakery to outlets around Thornbury. The nucleus of the group is the studio of which there are four. These are a gathering of artists who openly paint what they like and wonder round observing other artists work. Once a month we have an accredited artist sharing their secrets to which we all enjoy. In Thornbury we have an annual Art Trial where various artists open their house to all the population of Thornbury to encourage new artists. So we encourage mixing with our locality . We have an annual exhibition and last year we had a side show of paintings done by stroke patients. We feel that we want to share with our community. I am a new comer but feel it has helped me to follow my passion with others of the same mind. We also make coach trips to London to see art exhibitions and offer it out to people of Thornbury.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This money would help us keep our aims of sharing with our community and promote art in the town of Thornbury.
We would be able to help the stroke patient again and anyone who are infirmed.

"Tricia Latham leader

The club began with likeminded people who want to express artistically, sharing the experience and enjoyment away from home distractions and in a friendly atmosphere.
Also touch our community with art. May our joy in painting never diminish, let's just keep getting better."

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