The Tornadoes of South Dorset


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The Tornadoes of South Dorset is a small swimming club which has swimmers who have swum for our country.

Group introduction

The Tornadoes of South Dorset is a small but respected swimming Club who not only have senior swimmers who attend national competitions but have teaching groups for children age 5 and over. The ethos of the club is to show respect for others regardless of their ability. Senior Club members help the younger swimmers, encouraging and building water confidence so important as we live on the coast. We are a non-for profit organisation and are run by volunteers, from chair to coaching staff and committee members.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As pool hire charges increase every year, we aim to keep swimming fees at an acceptable level. This is getting more and more difficult. The money would be used to keep these fees down. Fitness is very important in this day and age where child obesity seems to be on the increase. As a small community Portland has had success with swimmers competing at an international level. This encourages children and adults to exercise increasing fitness and health levels benefiting all in this age of a more senior population.

"Sue Tuckett, treasurer of The Tornadoes of South Dorset"

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